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The Starblade Kitchen Knife

The star of the show, our pride, Stoff kitchenware exclusively present to you the Starblade smart kitchen knife. Our custom made kitchen knife available in different size and shape, are specially treated cutting edge, which long last without any sharpening.

Wooden Handle Knife

Our custom made wooden handle knife uses the same blade, but provide a firm grip and little more weight. The additional weight improves the balance of knife and give you a natural feeling. Our quality wood last long because we only use highly seasoned wood.

Fish and Meat Knife

We produce high quality heavy duty meat and fish knife for butchers, chefs and households. Our custom designed blades, available in different shapes and sizes, fitted with latest lightweight alloy handle, which provide firm grip and well balanced cutting action.

Agricultural Knife

Stoff kitchenware proudly presents the ultimate agricultural tool for every farmer. Our carefully crafted heavy duty agricultural sickle and machete aid you in seamlessly integrate into your daily works and reduce your effort significantly.

Kitchen Scissors

Strong and sturdy, Stoff scissors are more versatile than standard scissors. The blades are sharp and precise for delicate tasks like snipping herbs and leafy greens, and tough enough to cut through dense poultry joints, small bones, fish, or to open challenging packages.

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