The Starblade

The star of the show, our Starblade Smartknife

The Starblade Smartknife

The star of the show, our pride, Stoff kitchenware exclusively present to you the Starblade smart kitchen knife. Our custom made kitchen knife available in different size and shape, are specially treated cutting edge, which long last without any sharpening. A thin blade texture give the blade smooth cutting experience. The blades are very easy to hold with our custom polymer based handle, castes directly into the leg of the blade, which give a long lasting handle life. You will never feel that you are holding a knife, yet you will get the necessary balanced weight for different cutting force and style.

SKV JR SP001 (115x25)

SKV JP SP002 (115x25)

SKVP SP0013 (150x35)

SKV B SP0012 (150x20)


SKRB SP0016 (210x35)


SKV RS SP003 (115x25)

SKV PS SP004 (115x25)

SKVR SP0014 (150x35)

SKVOT SP008 (105x30)


SKRBL SP0037 (39Cm)

Vanedium SPO503

SKV RE SP005 (140x30)

SKV PE SP006 (140x30)

SKV PS SP004 (150x35)


SKV47 SP0035 (140x30)